Exhibition viewing

You can find out about the old history of traditional crafts and distillation dating back to the twelfth century at the Nestville Park exhibition, which comprises three sections:

  1. Historical section, where examples of folk crafts associated with distillation are presented.
  2. Modern section, where one of the most modern alcohol producing refineries in Europe is presented.
  3. Traditional section in Rezbárska sála (Woodcarving Hall) with a hand carved picture and store rooms for maturing whisky. Tasting of the first Slovak Nestville whisky is available in this part of the exhibition.

The visit to the exhibition ends in the factory shop with souvenirs and Nestville Distillery products, where a small exhibition of the region’s history is also presented. A guided tour of the exhibition takes approximately 60 minutes.


Extended Tasting

The Extended Tasting programme offers exhibition viewing with an experience of tasting four Nestville Distillery products, which is quaranteed to please even the most demanding taste buds. Enjoy tasting in Rezbárska sála, which has one of the largest carved pictures in Europe and helps create a special atmosphere during tasting for a unique experience. Exhibition viewing with extended tasting takes approximately 90 minutes and is only avaible with a quide.

Whisky tour

Enjoy a viewing of the distillation industry exhibition with guided tasting of Nestville whiskies in the unique Rezbárska sála as part of the Whisky Tour programme. You will taste our jewel— the first Slovak Nestville whisky in four variations for a unique tasting experience. At the end of the programme, all visitors receive a Nestville gift and certificate proving that you have become an official Nestville whisky taster. The guided tour of the exhibition and guided tasting takes approximately 90 minutes.

Traditional Mini Tasters

The Traditional Mini Tasters programme offers exhibition viewing with a tasting programme of your choice and small refreshments, including strudel, canapes and “pagáč” savoury buns. In the tasting part of the programme, you can sample four Nestville Distillery products in the Extended Tasting programme of experience our jewel in the Whisky Tour programmethe first Slovak whisky by Nestville in four variations. The quided tour of the exhibition and quided tasting with small refreshments takes approximately 90 minutes.

Lunch/Dinner at Nestville Park

Enjoy a gourmet experience in the Lunch/Dinner Nestville Park programme, including exhibition viewing followed by a tasty menu comprising four traditional meals of the Northern Spiš region. You will need to select a menu of your choice. The programme can also be combined with tasting, during which you can enjoy four Nestville Distillery products in the Extended Tasting programme or experience our jewel in the Whisky Tour programme—the first Slovak whisky by Nestville in four variations. The unique experience can be highlighted with traditional folk music and the exceptional Rezbárska sála environment, which builds on the history and customs of the Northern Spiš region. Exhibition viewing with lunch/dinner and potential tasting takes up to 120 minutes and is only available with a guide.




Basides being an exhibition to preserve traditions and bring them to life, Nestville Park is also becoming a centre with comprehensive catering services. You can celebrate special birthdays, anniversaries, weddings or christenings at the unique premises of Nestville Koliba (shepherd’s hut) and Rezbárska sála (woodcarving hall), which is a local wood carving masterpiece. Our premises are an ideal venue for informal gatherings, conferences, teambuilding events or corporate parties to bring the people in your working team closer to each other.

Bottle Filling

Make use of the unique opportunity to fill your own bottle of Nestville Single Barrel Whisky directly on the bottling line in Rezbárska sála at Nestville Park. Nestville Single Barrel Whisky is a special edition limited to approximately 430 bottles from a single barrel. It is always bottled by hand after opening the single white oak barrel in which the whisky distillate matured. Each bottle is unique with its own serial number, barrel number from which it was bottled, date of maturing and age.

At Nestville Park we organize::
  • family celebrations
  • weddings
  • conferences
  • corporate parties
  • team building
  • other social events

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