The final point of the tour of the Nestville Park exposition is a visit to the company shop called Exposhop. Here you can purchase products from Nestville Distillery, chocolate specialties made directly at Nestville Chocolate as well as commemorative souvenirs. In addition, you will briefly familiarize yourself with historical documents and maps exhibited in the shop interior. They document the discovery of the oldest preserved distillery in Slovakia in 1756 and the history of the origin of Northern Spiš.

Nestville Chocolate

Visit the chocolate kingdom Nestville Chocolate located at Nestville Park premises and see our pleasant chocolate bars in production. Nestville Chocolate is the only chocolate factory in the region to offer the exquisite flavour of quality chocolate and introduce the history, processing and production of various chocolate specialities. Try one of our chocolate bars as you sit with a cup of hot chocolate, quality coffee, Belgian pralines or homemade sweets while watching the chocolate production process through the viewing window. Original chocolate liqueurs are available for adults.

Nestville Market

Come and buy traditional Slovak meat and dairy products during your visit of Nestville Park in the Nestville Market, located just opposite the main entrance to Nestville Farm (see map no. 17). Under the brand name Bača Paľo, it offers a wide selection of quality and fresh products from the domestic farm, from beef and pork, slaughtering specialties, sausages to dairy and cow and sheep milk products. Company 1.DAY is also represented in the store, whose range includes mainly alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, as well as quality confectionery or tobacco products.

Nestville Taberna

The gates of the newly constructed boutique brewery Nestville Taberna will soon open at Nestville Park to continue the long-term tradition of beer brewing in the village of Hniezdne. The brewery and its unique atmosphere will present the history and production of beer and you will have the opportunity to taste unfiltered and unpasteurised beer brewed from the premium ingredients – malt, local water, hops and brewer’s yeast. Good beer comes hand in hand with tasty food offered by our restaurant’s kitchen to deliver an unforgettable gourmet experience.

Map of Nestville Park

  • 1 Nestville Park Exposition
  • 2 Exposhop company store
  • 3 Woodcarving hall
  • 4 Nestville Whisky maturing warehouses
  • 5 Cereal silos
  • 6 Cowshed
  • 7 Nestville Horses
  • 8 Nestville Taberna
  • 9 Multifunctional playground / Ice track
  • 10 Ice rink
  • 11 Podium and grandstand
  • 12 Parkour
  • 13 Nestville Market
  • 14 Nestville Apartments
  • 15 Playground
  • 16 Nestville Chocolate

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