Nestville Park

Discover the magic of one of the most beautiful corners of Northern Slovakia, with the valley of the Tatras National Park, Pieniny National Park and Levoča Highlands, where Nestville Park, an exhibition of the distilling industry and traditional folk crafts, was established in 2012. The premises are situated just 5 km west of Stará Ľubovňa, formerly the smallest town in Hungary, in the village of Hniezdne. The name Nestville is a combination of the English words NEST and VILLE, which is a literal translation of the name Hniezdne. The important discovery of the oldest preserved distillery in Slovakia built in the mid-eighteenth century was a major moment that led to establishing this tourist attraction.

The distillery exposition consists of three parts:


Historic crafts related to distillery.


One of the most modern distilleries in Central Europe.


Carving Hall with a huge carved picture and whiskey maturing stores.

Historical section

You will see examples of traditional folk art crafts like smithing or cooperage.

Modern part

Let us introduce you to one of Europe´s most advanced spirits refineries processing over 35,000 tons of grain per year, which is more than 1,750 trucks.

Traditional part

You will get to know the Carving Hall with its huge carved picture, which is the pride of the entire exposition and the whiskey maturation store.

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