Miesto konania/Place of event: Nestville Park, Obec Hniezdne (okres Stará Ľubovňa)

Dátum/Date: 23.6 - 24.6.2017
23.6.2017 Piatok: od 15:00

24.6.2017 Sobota: od 12:00


Lístky tu:


Lucie Bílá
Michal David
Helena Vondráčková
Boney M
Dara Rolins
Miro Jaroš
a iní...


- do 28.2. cena 20€
- od 1.3. do 31.5. 25€
- od 1.6. do 22.6. 30€
- na mieste 35€

Denná vstupenka
- do 28.2. cena 13€
- od 1.3. do 31.5. 16€
- od 1.6. do 22.6. 20€
- na mieste 25€

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Welcome to Nestville Park

Traditional folk crafts and distilling industry exhibition

The name of ‘Nestville Park’ was created by joining the words NEST and VILLE. ‘NEST’ in the meaning of ‘nest’ and ‘VILLE’ as an abbreviation of ‘VILLAGE’, which is an exact English translation of the name of the village of ‘Hniezdne’. The picturesque village is located only 5 km to the west of Stará Ľubovňa. This village was first mentioned in writing in 1286, and in the past, it was the smallest royal town of the contemporary Hungary and it was granted an off-license.

New exhibition of Nestville Park is a unique project reviving the tourist industry of the northern Spiš region. Its aim is to depict and show its visitors the history, traditional crafts, exceptional skillfulness of people living in this territory as well as tools used in individual time periods. These eras and artifacts are gradually displayed in separate parts of the exhibition.

Nestville Park is an exhibition which bears and revives history and traditions. It represents an unusual and interesting historical cross-section of spirits production and crafts related to processing and storing spirits up to modern times.


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